Collages by Pablo Gil Rituerto.
Text by Guillem Martínez.
Editorial Design by Máximo Recio.
Produced by Diana Adell.
Printed by Imprinting.

Exhibited at: 

Guillem Martínez

(...)In 2007 a huge planetary crisis began. In 2010, Spain officially ended its welfare state. In 201 15M movement began, an unprecedented regime crisis. Since then, all this has been happening at once, like a collage. The institutions, the parties, the voters - all of it, cutbacks from the past and the future - are in a moment of transition. Towards the mummy. Or towards the realistic portrait. All this makes up a collage. That dramatic genre you find when you go out on the street and discover that everything and everyone is a mummy in the midst of a change of era. The result of so much cutting and wild glue seems humorous. But it is dramatic. Perhaps, for the same reason, the best way to talk about all this wild reality is collage.

I don't know the name of what's in this book. I guess the word is collage. So, as you can see, it's about mummies. Enjoy it.


Client: Alegre Roca 

Editor: Pablo Gil Rituerto