a film by Pablo Gil Rituerto
written by Pablo Gil Rituerto & Alba Lombardía

with the support of:
ICEC  Desenvolupament de projectes audiovisuals ( SPA) 
CNC FAIA Aide à l´écriture (FR)
SCAM Brouillon d´un rêve Documentaire (FR)
Film Commission Torino Piemonte Development (IT) 


    In the summer of 1961, a group of young Italian anthropologists, folklorists and musicians. made a clandestine journey through Spain, in order to record popular songs that supported anti-Franco resistance.

    As a result of their work, they were prosecuted and their recordings were censored. Sixty years later, and guided by Emilio Jona, who at the age of ninety-two is the last living member of that group of travelers, we recover the unpublished recordings and reconstruct the journey, today, across an emotional and political landscape, regaining historical memories through these songs, as relevant today as they were then.

  • Year: 2021
  • Genre: Creative documentary
  • Running Time: 90 min.